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January 8, 2013
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Offical Fursona Oshii Referance Sheet by OshiiRyuu Offical Fursona Oshii Referance Sheet by OshiiRyuu
This is my offical fursona, Oshii.
She has been needing a bit of a makeover, and so this is finally done. This is a basic reference for her and as things change a bit, more updates will be shown.

Here is some information for those who draw her/need to know information about her as a character:
- She is a hybrid creature. She's mixed with White Lion (Panthera leo krugeri) and Manned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus).

-She is 5'8", 157 lbs. She's not as heavy so that makes her light on her feet.

- She is straight, and her current intrest now is:
He belongs to :icongrizzled-dog:

- Her tail is apart of her and called a tailmouth. Even though mouthtail's have their own indivisuality, her tailmouth tends to have it's own thoughts. Although it's rare for it to have them, it tends to refer to Oshii's thoughts. Because of her syc with her tailmouth, Oshii's able to accomplish her task rather easily such as fighting, foraging food, and other task.
It does have a form of eyes, but it's more or less from Oshii's perspective as a "watching your back" situation. It helps as a helping to make sure that she's able to see behind her if she's ever in a tight spot.

- Her tail is usually covered by the feathered layers that you see above. It's to keep her tailmouth unnoticable to anyone she doesn't want to let see.

- Her spinal vertebrae along her back are retractable into her body once more.

- She has a third eye that she uses. It's condered an eye of focus. Usually she doesn't have it opened, but occassionally it likes to open and peek out at it's surroundings. It can function as another regular eye to in case the other two aren't useable.

- She has rather long hair. It doesn't have to be down, but is in accesable styles that also relfects her "I bite back" attitude. (Kinda like a bad chick style)

- Her claws are retractable on both hands and feet.

- She has wings that come out of her back due to her ability to fuse with her Ar-Loc *Name to be determined*.

- Her breast/nipples are usual covered by her white lion furred body.

- She loves opium milk. This drink is always with her in some shape of form weither it be a flask, a margarita glass, etc. The milk refers to my personality as perception, curiousness, and full out analization. She drinks it to dull her own and tends to be a bit more harsher in her words than when she's sober.

- Personality wise she is like me, but not. She's much more of a scraper, a very good friend (depending on people's perspective, she's a bwitch to deal with), loyal, and a strong headed Lionessolf. She does have the strongest of traits, but taming her as a friend is worth it's own reward to those she keeps close.

-Her likes are Opium Milk (Much more of a love), spinal vertebrae bones (weither fresh, preserved, or fake), ragdolls, oddly made dolls, different and odd accessories, gloomy bears, sweets, taxidermy on natural caused dead animals, Cosplaying at her fancy (whether that means impersonating someone, or just from a show), intricate designs and patterns, ribbons, animal teeth, Drag Queens .

- Her Dislikes are bullies, people who don't speak their mind, idiots that belittle women, raw carrots and cellery, citrus (cause she's allergic to it), trolls, animal cruielty, short nails, disageements, rude people, someone crying, not having her own space, nosey indivisuals, and misconceptions.

She can be drawn in romantical situations (not pornish or extremly oversexed) with almost any male.

Here are some things she can be drawn in:
Good Ones: Fan Art, Contest Pictures, Practice
Themes: Pin up's, stockings, monsters, soft bondage, cosplaying, opium milk induldging, rag doll haven, taxidermy (perferable softmounts/small cats and canines), lolita, etc!
Bad Ones: Personal Reasons (Included in your own beyond-my-comfort fetishes)
Themes: Death, Hardcore themes (fetishes, scat, porn of her with your character without my permission), and drug indusive pictures.
If there is ANY doubt, please don't hesitate to ask me about it.

DO NOT TRACE/COPY. I do not appriciate when someone copies what hard work I had put into making my current fursona and as much labor it put into her design process. Do not expect flattery, compliments, nor acceptance of that for it is not something I stand for. It would be much more acceptable with using your own imagination and creativity to create your own works of art.

Art, character design, concept (c) : :iconoshiiryuu:
Tailmouth Species and Concept (c) :icontailmouth:
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Wolfen150 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Incredibly creative.
OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much.
InuKenexX Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist
So that's her..I always wondered what she looked like.She looks awesome bre~
OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you for the compliment. She's went through some major redesigning work to get to what she looks like now.

Much appriciated for this Freddy.
InuKenexX Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist
No problem ^ ^ hope you've been doing well
OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm doing mighty well. Getting ready to get my life started on it's next step.
Oshii's right insida me to help with that as well.

I hope that your doing alright as well.
Grizzled-Dog Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa! This never showed up in my devs, I don't think! If it did I've deleted it somehow! Gorgeous! You sexy dame, you! Scherzo will be most...speechless when he sees Oshii! He might find her tail-head quite fascinating.
OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
I wanted to do this ever since I got to touch a human spine, so now here she is.
I know that she still doesn't hold a candle to his "mistress" but at least I have a solid idea for something I can work and write with now.

That tail, he might wanna be careful with. It'll bite him if he's not careful, lol.
Grizzled-Dog Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree and that's pretty interesting. Lol, I think he might find the tail a little bit off-putting, at least, at first. 8)
OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, do expect a picture/story to come soon when I get the time to come up with it and get the art freakin write like I'd want to >_>
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