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Skype Status Meme (For REALS though...) by OshiiRyuu
Skype Status Meme (For REALS though...)
I saw an artist that I was watching make this, so I decided to do one to help clarify a few things for those that are on my skype(s). Hopefully it helps explain a couple of the "weird" instances that happen on my skype conversations with them.


I'm doing rather good today and not too busy.
I don't mind talking to ya if it's green.
I'm generally a friendly person, so don't be afraid to say hey every now and then.
**I have the "oooo shiny" attention span, so sometimes I may spazz out on my thoughts midsentence. Just remind me if it happens, and I'll remember again ^^**

Usually away taking care of myself (eating, bathing, doing a bit of tidying, etc).
**Sometimes, my computer will end up auto-awaying me if I don't respond much when I'm drawing, so just message and see. I'll respond if I'm there.**

°Do Not Disturb°
I'll have this on when I'm doing homework or in class. I will more than 90% not answer if I'm doing either of the time unless it's an emergency.
I'm probably not in a good mood (will say so in status). If I happen to not be in a good mood, you will be warned. If you still want to talk, it's fine, but do be warned that it's possible you will be snapped at or possibly ignored if irritation happens on my part.
**If I'm in a bad mood, usually the only ones that I'll speak to would be my close friends or my boyfriend to help calm down and get leveled again**

I am more than likely asleep. 
If disturbed, most likely you will encounter a VERY grouchy Oshii. Not the best side to arouse, but will occur when awaken.
Internet is turned off (Yes, the internet gets turned off where I am for certain reason's, so just know it happens.)
Or...just not online ^^


A Little About Oshii's Skype

- I have a personal Skype and a business Skype. Sometimes, e-mails aren't always accessible for me, so I will use Skype to keep in contact with my commissioners. 

- My business Skype is OshiiRyuu. I will add you as soon as I possibly get a notification. 

- If you want my personal skype, please ask me ^w^

- I do not add random people who I do not know.
Even if you happen to know me through a friend or something, I would need to talk to you a couple of times before I add you. 
If you end up getting my skype from someone else and didn't ask me, I WILL NOT add you.

- I am tendency to either talk alot, or not talk much depending on what is going on in my environment at the time. I apologize about that ahead of time.

- I am okay with not chatting with you for a while if we are just casual acquaintances. However, I do ask that if you are trying to be "friends" with me, and I can't see you (like at fur meets, con's, etc) I just ask that you say something once in awhile so I don't forget you. I'm really not good with remembering names of those if I am not reminded of their presence sometimes. (That happens alot with my family).

- I don't just auto-accept video/voice calls unless I'm close to someone.

- If you are adding me on my account, PLEASE remember to say your name I know you from and what site your on so I can not "spam report" you. ^w^


Personal tidbits on the Feline:

- I have "ooo shiny" attention span moments, so don't be surprised if I didn't understand what you meant the first time when my attention is scattered somewhere else.
- I type out my actions (ex. -ears wiggles and smiles happily-) when I talk, so please tell me to stop if it bothers you.
- I'm up for almost any subject, and sometimes, I will have some weird topics up in the conversations ^w^
- I usually don't RP unless it's in notes, so don't be surprised if I don't wanna Skype RP.
- Sometimes my sense of humor is off, so let me know if it's a joke if it is one.
- If I tell you I don't like something, and you persist in doing something, I'll delete/block you without hesitation.
- I'm not "openly affectionate" with anyone except for my pack mates, and most of all my GShep.
- If there is something I'm doing that's annoying you, please let me know so I can do something about it instead of letting it go on til it becomes worse later. I'm a "solve as it happens" person.

The base came from:
The background image behind Oshii is from Gamer Lolita here:…
Oshii © Me



OshiiRyuu's Profile Picture
Brega. Tone. Hugh.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

~My Icon was by :iconumbrafen: here on DA~

Well, my name is Bree, but everyone knows me by either:

Your choice as to which one you wanna use. I answer to them all and you are allowed to call me a new name depending on what it is.

Anyway, I am an advid drawing maniac always on the hunt to draw something new.

My current obessesions are:
1. Rag Doll Inspired Items
2. Anthro/Fursona Art
3. Taxidermy
4. Random Inspirtational Art
5. Cosplay
6. Monster High / My Little Pony

What other things I could tell you:
* I'm a college student
* I'm a furry advocate.
* I'm truthful; Don't ask if you don't wanna know.
* When commenting on things, make sure you ask what I mean before you get mad or insulted by something I have said.
* I live in the south so excuse the souther drawl I have, lol
* Personal Quote: "Your Name isn't as Important as Your Legacy"

There are people that I loves on DA! If you want some Oshii Love, tell me and I'll add ya!

This is my littermate / lifemate

I have these following other ways to reach me:
Other Ways of contacting me: Just ask ^w^
I'm taking 20 slots for Chibi Badge Commissions for only $10 each.

The package includes:
1 Badge (Laminated and Hole Punched)
1 Lanyard
Some extra goodies in the package
Package Tracked

Examples of my badges:
Chibi Panda
Chibi Snow

Before the commission, I ask you read the T.o.S. and fill out the Commission Form afterwards so I can make sure that I have all your information.

I'll start working on a few tonight after work and keep going from there til they are all completed. If they are not completed within the next two weeks, I will offer refunds to those not completed. 

For those attending A-kon, I'll be doing these badges with free delivery, but more will be added to them and your little package of goodies as well~
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: Let It Go - African Tribalized Version

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